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An intelligent individualized operating system designed to adapt and meet the needs of the user through human-machine interaction. Basically, an operating system much like a digital assistant that can carry out all sorts of OS functions through voice interaction.


Natural language understanding is one of the most difficult aspects to teach a computer. When humans speak, we tend speak fast and correct something mid-sentence, we also tend to use intonations and implicitly complex sentences. However, easy for us but computers have a hard time understanding what we humans mean when we speak. At Andromeda Robotics we are researching to develop an individualised intelligent OS that understands and adapts to you and evolves with you to better serve you. Imagine a digital assistant with human-like capabilities to speak naturally and carry out complex instructions just like a human would thus, making our lives easier and saving time for other tasks. We are looking at features that can benefit the users by letting the OS do the repetitive tasks while users can focus on the important ones.

There are many applications the OS could have, that includes but not limited to:

  • General purpose use like any other OS, having your own personal assistant or a companion carry out tasks for you.

  • Great potential in medical use such as people with illness such as depression and loneliness etc.

  • Space exploration/industry

  • Can interact with any machine hence, it can carry out tasks without any assistance

  • Can help researchers to focus and get guidance for example, can help them to identify authentic sources and make right information as available as possible and instantly

  • Many more.

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